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IHP system

IHP system

The IHP is an individual heat point, such systems are installed in each structure designed for work and life of the person. The installation of the IHP should be performed by the qualified specialists with appropriate training and experience. The company “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” carries out designing, installation and repair works, as well as debugging of these systems, and also offers appropriate consultations and estimates.

What does the heat point consist of?

A lot of different equipment, pipes, almost always installed devices for temperature accounting is provided for in such a system. However, there are exceptions that are regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, namely, the law "On energy Saving" dated November 2009, allows for the absence of installation of devices of power accounting at a load less than 0.2 gcal per hour.

When designing Heating circuit, the individual IHP must include two branches of the pipeline:

  • supply (always top);
  • return (always bottom).

Another mandatory item is the "inlet valve", it must be made of steel alloy, without cast iron details according to the "Rules of technical operation of electrical structures".

The further line must have mounted:

  1. Pressure gauge intended for measurement of the pressure at the inlet to the facility.
  2. "Sump", which is a filter of liquid treatment in the structure.
  3. Temperature sensor of the supplied water, at the inlet in the form of "resistance thermometer", preferably electronic one.
  4. Pressure relief valves.
  5. The next element is rather important, it is called "pressure regulator" or PR.
  6. The elevator pump unit and the pipeline line itself.

Our specialists know exactly how to adjust the heating unit in your building for efficient and long-term operation of the whole structure. Individual IHP will be 100% adjusted if you contact our company. We have high-quality equipment, which we use for installation and repair activities, and all employees have specialized authorizations from State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service of the RF.