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IHP structure in the multi-apartment building

IHP structure in the multi-apartment building

In multi-apartment buildings with centralized heating, there is an issue of "interruptions" of heat supply. In other words, while neighbors languishing from the heat and open wide windows in winter, you look at them not without a special feeling, covered in all blankets and in addition wearing a winter jacket.

Nowadays, such "neglected" situations are less common, but nevertheless, the issue of central heating remains open, and can be quite safely solved by the tenants themselves, if they install an individual heat point in the multi-apartment building, inviting a qualified master.


The IHP is a system designed for transportation and distribution of heat among the consumers (owners of apartments) from the specialized heating units (boiler rooms and further). In other words, an individual heat point in a multi-apartment building is a heating unit intended to eliminate the problem of uneven flow and to create comfortable conditions for people.

Benefits and operation principle

In general terms, it is enough to say that such system works in automatic mode, depending on current weather conditions. Cold water comes from central heating and is uniformly distributed in all residential areas.  

By designing a individual heat point in the multi-apartment building, you get a number of advantages:

  • Uninterrupted power supply regardless of the central line.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Increase safety.
  • Significant saving of money due to the reduction of energy consumption.

Our company is the official contractor of this type of services, the employees have appropriate permits, training and positive feedback. We are ready to fulfill even the most complex procedures on adjustment and installation of heating system, and we also provide other accompanying actions.