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IHP scheme: Variety of equipment

IHP scheme: Variety of equipment

Each building has an individual heat point or IHP. But usually inhabitants not use in everyday life such designation. Instead, they say "heating point" or "heating unit ". The device is extremely complex. The design includes specific equipment, fittings, metering devices and much more. 

Modern IHP arrangement scheme

The most optimal scheme is the one, which provides for the presence of a climate control system. This is the device that manages to achieve the ideal indicators of energy saving.

Standard IHP scheme must include the following elements:

  • Circulating pump;
  • Control valve usually equipped with electric drive;
  • Return valve;
  • Temperature sensor;
  • Heating radiators in the required quantity.

Many heat points are equipped with the heat exchanger, which allows to connect to the internal system of hot water supply.

Any equipment should be selected taking into account the required tasks and input data. Because of the huge variety of designs and the ability to easily disassemble such a product for transportation and storage, IHP scheme is called modular sometimes.

The possibility of upgrading individual heat systems is given increased attention, as design changes may be required at any time. It should be remembered, if you are only going to install the IHP, adjustment for the changed circumstances can force to change the scheme of design, and sometimes very significantly.

Modern IHP scheme includes hardware that requires periodic maintenance and servicing several times a year. If you neglect the need to check the condition of the structure, there is a great possibility of breakage of the equipment before the end of nominal life.