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The IHP operation principle – Individual heat point

The IHP operation principle – Individual heat point

Do you know the operation principle of the individual heat point? If not, we are ready to give you the information. We consider this issue important. It is necessary for you to understand the essence of this unit and interrail with how important it is to form a proper heat supply system.

What is a heat point?

The designers of the company "Regional Energy Efficiency Office" state: the operation principle of the IHP individual heat point is simple, if you understand the plumbing. This unit provides heat transfer from the TPP, which produces the energy carrier, to the end consumer, who lives in a separate apartment.

One separately taken circuit serves one multi-apartment building. If it is intended to serve a neighborhood or small settlement, it will be named the central thermal point.

It has several tasks to be solved. We have already mentioned that it is taking heat from the central network. However, this is not its only purpose. Among other things, it should deal with the distribution of the received heat among the end users and divide it so that each end consumer received the water of the temperature that is required, and the temperature in the apartment was exactly at the level that was agreed in advance. Therefore, such distribution is based on the principle of rationality.

In the case of the IHP individual heat point the operation principle is to avoid problems with pressure and maintenance of proper temperature. That's why in the design provides for additional pumps, unique heat exchangers and other equipment that allows you to achieve your goals. Our highly professional designers are ready to help in solving your problems.