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IHP Operation Principle

IHP Operation Principle

IHP Operation Principle

Modern heating is a rather complex system of aggregates. However, if you do not delve into the technical parameters can quite understand and adapt such an installation at home, to improve the comfort conditions during the heating season.

Climate regulation or in other words "specialized IHP point" is carried out as follows

  1. The external sensor, usually installed on the shadow side, determines the outside temperature.
  2. The heat meter measures it in the heat supply system.
  3. The results are sent to a special controller.
  4. After calculating the necessary difference and according to the requirements of the given graph, this device distributes heat with the help of the regulating valve with a gate.
  5. Through this hardware interaction, the building is qualitatively heated.

In other words, the sensors take values, the controller, or the core "Information Center", processes the received data, compares them with the already set graph, which can be plotted by weeks, days or sometimes even by hours, and in the depending on the result opens or closes the valve gate, that’s how the IHP point operates.


  • Ensuring the uniform circulation of heat energy.
  • Elimination of the excess heat in the system.
  • Creation of the comfortable living conditions.
  • Possibility of cooldown of the premises during the night and on public holidays.


In addition to all the benefits already listed, the climate regulation allows to save significantly on the payment of bills up to 30-40%, by eliminating excess energy and reducing the flow rate in the defined hours and during the night.

The IHP point, providing the climate regulation in the building, will not only eliminate all existing "temperature anomalies", but will also have a positive impact on your financial position. Our company offers you a full range of services in this direction.