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The IHP installation with software equipment

The IHP installation with software equipment

Stages of introduction of automatics into the heating units include coordination with the managing service, drawing up of the project plan, purchase, delivery, installation and many other issues, requiring vigilance attention, so it is better to entrust such painstaking work to professionals. To install an individual heat point that has a climate sensor will be an excellent solution for creating a microclimate and comfortable environment in your building. Our company is ready to perform a full range of these services.


One of the most important aspects, without which it is impossible to establish qualitatively and reliably the individual heat point with the climate control sensor is the determination of class of its energy efficiency. Our qualified staff perform calculations of energy resources, identify weaknesses and produce a plan to save power.

Taking advantage of the services of the company "Regional Energy Efficiency Office", which carries out power audit of buildings and structures, you secure yourself from the mass of errors and other unexpected nuances. Our specialists will help you to develop a program for increasing energy efficiency, as well as determine the relevance of the installation and the conditions of its safe operation. We have specialized equipment and extensive work experience.

By addressing our company, you are enlisting the reliable support of the specialists, and most importantly, you will be able to solve the issue of heating efficiency and establish an individual heat point, which, on reading this article, will certainly cause the interest of any bona fide tenant who does not want to overpay extra money for heating.