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IHP installation

IHP installation

IHP installation

The arrangement of heating networks provides observance of certain technical rules, which include proper arrangement of equipment and consolidation into a common system. But for high-quality heat exchange between all the devices connected to heating, it is not enough to adjust only the elevator pump.

Individual heat point is a special element in the building arrangement. It distributes the heat carrier supply to all consumers. The comfort and tranquility of the building owners depend on the good adjustment of all its components. By addressing the company “Regional Energy Efficiency Office”, you render the solution of these problems to the professionals.


IHP synchronization

After installation and inspection of the heating unit, our employees will need to conduct work on the synchronization of the building. The heating adjustment implies:

  1. Inspection of piping according to the technical documentation;

  2. Visual inspection for deviations from drawings;

  3. Adjustments to the working scheme, if necessary;

  4. Correct distribution of hot water on risers and floors;

  5. Then the flow adjustment is carried out;

  6. Checking of warming up of lower points of risers with adjustment to the same difference of water temperature at inlet and outlet;

  7. Connection of personal heat devices, if any.

As a result of our works, the individual heat point will work according to the requirements. If the temperature of all heated rooms is uniform, this is one of the indicators of correct debugging of the heating unit.

The possibilities of installation and automation of the whole system are quite extensive. At present, such services are of high demand. Our company is ready to perform any kind of installation of heating networks, including individual heat point, which will be an excellent solution for the installation of heat supply system. In the course of operation, all funds spent on modernization will be paid off, and you’ll have comfortable living conditions.