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IHP individual heat point – what is it?

IHP individual heat point – what is it?

Many people ask: what is the IHP individual heat point? We will try to answer the question not using special terms to make it clear even to those who deal with this concept for the first time.

These designs became popular several years ago. Until that moment, while the cost of energy was relatively low, it was possible to avoid using it. But since the payment for heating began to grow exponentially, the tenants of multi-apartment buildings began to look for ways to save money. The installation of the unit directly relates to this topic.

First, let’s find out what is the IHP individual heat point. The experts note that this is a combination of special equipment and plumbing fittings, as well as the devices that allow you to manage, control and automate the parameters of incoming heat. As a result, one or another heat supply mode is selected, which ensures correct operation of the equipment in general. Moreover, the unit is serviced by the maintenance personnel. Only few workers are required, but their presence is simply necessary.

What problems are solved through the installation

Having defined what is the IHP individual heat point, let's go now to the problems that it solves. They are several; some have been already mentioned above, so we will focus on the core. This heating unit is designed to:

  1. Control and regulate incoming energy parameters. Earlier, these functions were performed by the supplying organization, and it was difficult to verify it. Today these tasks can be fully entrusted to the described equipment.
  2. Correctly distribute the received heat on systems of heating consumption.
  3. Disconnect consumption if needed.
  4. Protect the heat supply system in case the parameters are exceeded, and it can fail.