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IHP heat exchanger: When do you need to install it

IHP heat exchanger: When do you need to install it

The heat exchanger is a device through which the heat is passed from one source to another. The direct contact of the heat carriers is completely excluded. Therefore, the IHP heat exchanger can be installed in almost any heat supply system, but not always such an installation is justified and rational, because the design itself is very expensive. At low loads the purchase can be simply not paid off. 

When do you need to install the heat exchanger?

Any IHP heat exchanger requires a single condition: the system where it is installed must be independent. It implies the designs that provide heat to multi-storey dwelling buildings and are located in separate boiler rooms. Such installations are characterized by large size and high capacity. In such cases, the heat exchanger helps to distribute heat and avoid overheating, and saves money. Dependent heat supply system can be easily upgraded to independent one. This will reduce heat consumption and promotes to a more rational allocation of resources.

But it is necessary to understand, that such design is not cheap, and expenses on purchase and installation shall be borne by the owners of the apartments in the buildings where it is planned to install the system.

Common IHP heat exchanger in the system does not allow every consumer to be able to set the desired temperature in the apartment, but it can be done if the installation of regulating devices on radiators in the building is provided for. In this case, each user of the system can independently regulate the heat supply, air temperature and hot water, taking into account own wishes and needs. Thus, the maximum possible savings, superior to those provided by means of GWHA and other systems of individual heat supply in the apartments of multi-storey dwelling buildings are reached.