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IHP automation and adjustment

IHP automation and adjustment

IHP automation and adjustment

The company “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” performs designing, installation and commissioning, as well as repair of the IHP systems.

We quite often encounter the heat supply systems, equipped with a mixing elevator pump. Many people do not know how to properly build the internal system of the heating unit. We offer to study this issue. Under what conditions do these operations take place? To begin with, we know the parameters of pressure and temperature in the pipe that comes from the supplying organization. Individual heat point, the automation of which is planned, has already been in operation, it gives us the opportunity to initialize the work.

What should be checked?

Before you start the activities, be sure to check the following indicators.

  1. Does the temperature in the supply pipeline meet the temperature stated in the service provider supply chart?

  2. Pressure of liquid in the inlet network should be normal.

  3. The throttle washer has been precisely adjusted. The discrepancy of these parameters is fraught with difficulties in working capacity of the elevator pump.

Our company performs these types of diagnostics, as well as we repair individual heat point, the automation of which has lost its performance.

Adjustment of the elevator pump assembly

It is desirable to carry out this operation in the following sequence.

  • Check the correspondence of passport characteristics of the product to the actual readings obtained by measuring.
  • Testing of all components of the heat point for the quality of performance.
  • Control of the pressure difference between the direct and return water supply, which must correspond to the reference value.
  • Diagnostics of pressure drop before the building valves.
  • Measurements of displacement factors and comparison with the calculation indicator.

Only after these procedures, the elevator pump regulation is finished, the individual heat point, the automation of which is completed, can be put into operation. Contact our company for qualified services, we have a staff of high-class specialists and reasonable prices.