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How is the work of an individual heat point IHP organized?

How is the work of an individual heat point IHP organized?

In the system of heat supply of the building, the correct work of individual heat point is one of the most important components. The level of temperature control of the heat carrier, which is introduced into the radiators of any multi-apartment building, depends on how advanced its main characteristics are.

Today it is this site which is given serious attention, as the efficiency of use of all types of heat energy directly affects the numbers that appear in the monthly receipts for utilities.  Creation and stable operation of individual heat point IHP is the main link in the process of thermal modernization of the buildings.  This task is now being solved by the tenants who are tired of huge bills and poor-quality services.  And even though today the appearance of these designs in the buildings of our fellow citizens is not uncommon, it is planned that they will appear almost everywhere, where will benefit, in the near future.

Everyone is sure to know that the work of an individual heat point IHP will be most effective if it is placed in the right place (usually in the basement or technical premises).  The point itself consists of the elements that connect the central heat supply system and the piping system of the building.  This construction saves up to 40% of all heat energy, which in case of its absence is lost irrevocably.

If to invest in creation of such unit today, the expenses which have been incurred, will be paid off during one heating season.  This means that such investments are beneficial for tenants of multi-apartment buildings to the greatest extent, because they save their money, directed to pay for utility services.