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How does the climate control system work?

How does the climate control system work?

Automatic climate control system or a heat exchanger is a device that requires special attention during installation and maintenance. Any experienced mechanic must necessarily constantly improve the qualification and skills to be ready for any surprises, and to be able to eliminate the breakage in the shortest time and with minimal losses. We will tell about the device of the standard weather-dependent system.

Operation principle of automatic weather-dependent system

Any climate control system or a heat exchanger regardless of its design contains two sensors, one of which is located directly outside, on the shady side of the building. This is necessary in order to receive and analyze the weather conditions outside the building. After the device has analyzed the amount of heat required for heating, it will instruct the stepper motor to close or open the valve regulating the hot water supply to the heat supply system.

If an additional temperature sensor is present in the room, the climate control system or a heat exchanger will be guided by adding or reducing the amount of heat supplied. If there is no sensor, the temperature inside the rooms will be adjusted to reflect the special temperature schedule.

The following elements are always present in a structure:

  • Several sensors to determine the temperature of the air;
  • Shut-off valves;
  • Temperature regulators;
  • Filters;
  • Valves;
  • Thermometer and pressure gauge, etc.

The products from different manufacturers differ with the equipment and price. Before installation it is necessary to define a number of tasks which a design with heating orientation will help to solve.

A system capable of taking into account weather conditions helps to save a huge amount of heat, to allocate resources rationally and to reduce heating costs.