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How do I conduct a thermovision inspection of my equipment?

How do I conduct a thermovision inspection of my equipment?

Why do you need energy audit of the warehouse

If you want to assess the condition of refrigeration and freezers, as well as storage refrigerators, the best way is to order thermovision inspection of the equipment from “Regional Energy Efficiency Office”. It is now one of the fastest and most proven ways to provide data for visual viewing. They indicate the state of the refrigeration unit and the analytical assessment.

This procedure is carried out for stationary installations and refrigerators installed on vehicles.

A high-precision thermal imaging camera is used in the investigation process. It detects places where insulation is broken. The thermovision inspection of the equipment gives an opportunity to correct the situation.

What units can be tested using the above procedure

The spectrum of application of the thermal imaging camera is quite wide.

Freezing chambers

They are installed at the warehouses of deep freezing. The temperature mode is from -27 to -18 °C. They are used for storing frozen meat and fish, processed semi-finished products.

Refrigeration chambers

Their temperature is from 0 to + 5 °C. They are used for storage of gastronomy, dairy products and products in chilled but unfrozen form (meat and fish, vegetables and fruits).

Vegetable storage

The temperature mode is from -1 to + 4 °C.

Warehouses where other product groups are stored

They are not related to food products: pharmaceutical products, chemical products, perfumes and cosmetics, fur products.

Thermovision inspection of the equipment leads to lower energy consumption and prolongs the life of the equipment.