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How the cost of automatic climate regulation of the heat supply system is formed

How the cost of automatic climate regulation of the heat supply system is formed

Automation of housing and communal services is a current timely task. Its goal is to save heat energy. Automatic climate regulation is one of the solutions that helps to achieve the set goals. The customer is the managing company that unites the owners of apartments.

What is that?

The main condition for the installation of such a design is the availability in the multi-apartment building of a heat meter, or a unit of accounting heat energy. You can regulate the state of the supplied heat depending on the ambient temperature without human intervention.

The company “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” is ready to take over the installation. The technical experts of the firm argue that Moscow heat specialists rarely observe the temperature regime. As a result, over-estimation of the heat carrier is a common cause for these utilities.

What are the savings attributed to?

In order not to pay more, it is necessary to connect automatic climate regulation and have hot water in the pipes, if it is -15Cº, and do not waste money on heating, if the outside temperature is near zero.

The studies show that automatic climate regulation:

  • Provides savings of up to 35% compared to functioning of heating without such interference.
  • For a multi-apartment building, where there is a management company, the opportunity to save up to 1 million rubles for one heating season will be appropriate.
  • Tenants receive a real reduction of payment already after the first month of the heating season.

We can safely say that the cost of implementation of construction pays off literally during one heating season. So, in anticipation of the cold, one should pay special attention to such an opportunity.