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Heating climate regulator

Heating climate regulator

Heating climate regulator

The IHP is a unit that serves a separate building with heat and water supply. This line allows to serve various housing complexes or productions. Reducing pumping equipment of the heat point must be provided with electricity and connected to the water supply.

The heat point performs a wide range of services and it is possible to connect the heating climate regulator for a multi-apartment building. This will result in:

  • Uniform distribution of heat on the allocated area,
  • Accounting of heat energy required to calculate the amount of energy consumed by the subscriber,
  • Money saving,
  • Automated protection against emergency situations.


Long-term observations allowed us to conclude that a heating unit of this type consumes less energy than other power sources. The climate regulator for the multi-apartment building does not deliver much noise, it has small size and it can be mounted in utility rooms. The line process is computerized, and does not require constant service by the specialists.

The unit is adapted for different types of buildings, and the system is focused on the time of the day, days off and holidays. Individual heat supply system will provide comfortable accommodation in the building, which is served with such heating unit.

The equipment is adjusted individually, under all customer requirements and includes the following devices:

  • Gauge,
  • Thermometers,
  • Heat meter,
  • Filters,
  • Controller.

We suggest you installing a new modification, and we also have a favorably priced solution to this very important issue, through new technologies and modern equipment. Transition to a new line is cost-effective, the microclimate must be uniform, qualitative, efficient and economically acceptable.