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Heat supply of the MABs

Heat supply of the MABs

Communications in residential buildings play an important role in the organization of comfortable conditions. In our country heating of premises during the cold season should be ensured. Design works and structural measures of power systems are performed only by specialized organizations having access to these activities. Hiring a private master, even if qualified and experienced, but without appropriate state permits, is fraught with serious consequences.

The company "Regional Energy Efficiency Office" performs installation and maintenance of heating, including individual heat points in the MABs, as well as in cottages and private buildings. We perform standard and complex measures on installation, adjustment, start-up of heating units and accompanying support systems on legal grounds and permits of State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service of the RF (SACS).

Energy efficiency

The main indicator of a serviceable and reliable heat supply system is the maintenance of the optimal microclimate in the apartments. In the multi-apartment building there are several peculiarities during installation and operation of the HP. For example, in the northern regions the specialized devices are installed to maintain heat, because the harsh winter conditions disable power units of central heating and water supply systems. In such cases, individual heat points in the MABs are the most excellent solution.

Types of heat supply

If you are planning in the near future to buy an apartment in a building, or to build your own home, be sure to pay attention to the issue of heat supply. It is also desirable to find in advance a good company that works in this field and provides this kind of services. Individual heat points in the MABs are divided into the following types:

  • Steam;
  • Electric;
  • Gas;
  • Water;
  • Air.

Such options of heating units can be centralized and autonomous. Consult and get services from our company. We have optimal prices, quick terms of implementation of the arrangements. Our team has only qualified specialists who received higher engineering and construction training. Each employee has SACS qualification certificate.