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Heat supply and its improvement

Heat supply and its improvement

The heating unit is a versatile heat system; such heat supply circuit is established in any building and structure which is intended for human dwelling. The IHP modernization with the installation of climate regulation is made only by qualified specialists who have the corresponding experience and training. Our company "Regional Energy Efficiency Office" offers services in the design, installation and initial launch of the network, as well as we perform the adjustment of the system.


The heating line comprises a variety of equipment, different pipes, and requires temperature meters installed. During designing the heating and accompanying structures, two supply lines are obligatory connected to the individual heat point:

  • Supply.
  • Return pipe.

The elevator pump is also obligatory.

Our company carries out installation of this system according to the "Rules of technical operation of power structures".

The following is also integrated in the line:

  1. Precision measuring instruments.
  2. Cleaning filters.
  3. Pressure sensors and relief valves.
  4. Pressure regulators (or PR).
  5. Radiator groups.
  6. Pipeline.

The employees of our enterprise have perfect skills of installation and adjustment of the system and carry out necessary manipulations for effective work and operation of the whole line.

If you contact our organization, the IHP modernization with the installation of climate regulation will be carried out at the highest level. We have the latest equipment used in the installation and the staff members have special permits from State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service of Russia. The works performed by our professionals are made on time, please contact our company, we appreciate each client.