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Heat energy climate control unit – advantages and features of use!

Heat energy climate control unit – advantages and features of use!

In the field of housing, the most important task is to record and save heat energy, the cost of which grows every year. Managers of the company in this industry, major energy companies or directors of power supply of large industrial enterprises are obliged to take care of these processes. Real resource savings can be achieved with heat energy climate control unit that functions in conjunction with the accounting unit.

Practice shows, that its installation allows to reduce expenses by 25-35%, and it is connected with the fact that energy companies never observe temperature indices, overestimating them. Thus, when the outside temperature is -10 degrees Celsius, they set the temperature of the heat carrier, which should be when it is -20 degrees Celsius.

How does the heat energy climate control system work?

  • The system has an external air sensor, which is previously mounted on the shadow side of the multi-apartment building or any other facility.
  • It uses the data that is transferred to the logical programmable controller.
  • Heat energy climate control unit is equipped with two more sensors, which take the readings from the supplying and return pipeline, determining the temperature of the heat carrier in the network.
  • The logical programmable controller processes the information coming from the three sensors, makes the necessary calculations and sets the cut-off valve, which regulates the speed of the heat carrier flow, to the desired position.

Each heat energy climate control unit has protection against full closing, in case of significant increase of air temperature. To prevent congestion of risers on the facility, the circulating pump moves the heat carrier through the return valve and has an automatic vent. The system is equipped with situated bypass, which guarantees 100% serviceability of the equipment at any ambient temperature. Some units can be equipped with GSM-modules, informing about the occurrence of interruptions and other problems by means of text messages.