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Factors that reduce heat consumption

Factors that reduce heat consumption

Each climate control unit has a certain efficiency of its work, which is determined by the analysis of several factors which contribute to the decrease in the amount of heat consumed and the amount that the consumer eventually pays for. 

Factors that reduce heat consumption

In total, there are three key channels which lead to overconsumption of heat power:

  • Power supply during night hours;
  • Hot water supply, heating and ventilation during public holidays;
  • Overheating and excess heat supply in the normal time.

Any climate control unit can reduce the amount of heat consumed without the need of heat energy up to 40%, but this is the maximum rate. As a rule, it is about 25 – 30%, which is enough to feel the real difference in utility payments when using the system and without it.

When choosing a suitable design, it is necessary to first analyze which of these factors is the key to energy overconsumption. You need to buy the one that will provide the maximum return in the required area. 

Systems by different manufacturers

Many domestic and foreign manufacturers are ready to offer the consumer climate control unit, created according to the scheme developed by the company's specialists. It is impossible to tell, which design is suitable in each specific case. But you should choose the product, which provides the possibility of changing the configuration and rejecting some elements or replacing them, but observing the availability of key parts: pump, valve, climate controller and temperature sensors. Only in this case it will be possible to equip a residential building with the maximally effective system of heat supply, providing possibility of economy for tenants and managing company. Such systems will be paid off in a few months.