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Energy performance certificate of the school

Energy performance certificate of the school

The rapid increase in energy prices is the main reason for the company's management or other institution to find alternative ways to overcome the situation. One way to improve performance is to analyze the technical documentation that is energy performance certificate of the school or other institution. The data that is included in such a document will make it possible to draw conclusions about energy resources used impractically and whether its consumption should be reduced or completely refused.

Which items must be included in the energy performance certificate of the school

The specificity of the procedure is one of the main reasons why the management of the school or other institution decides to address an external specialist. The help of such an employee allows to be sure that energy performance certificate of the school is technically competent and includes the following items:

  • Statements about the location of the facility, as well as the company's details;
  • The state of the modules that are used for the purpose of supplying energy resources;
  • Availability and quantity of the equipment having the increased capacity;
  • Recording the fact of absence or presence of counters of consumption of water, gas, electricity and heat.

The evaluation of which modules is carried out by a specialist preparing the technical documentation

The procedure for preparing such a document as the energy performance certificate of the School, provides for the analysis of resource consumption for the following devices:

  • Autonomous or centralized water supply system;
  • Boiler room or other heating elements used for heat supply of the premises;
  • Automated equipment used for training and other purposes;
  • Refrigeration plants used for food storage.

In each of these cases an expert with certain specialized skills will be able to make objective conclusions that will help management to reduce the resource consumption.