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Energy performance certificate of the facility

Energy performance certificate of the facility

Peculiarities of the functioning of most enterprises connected with the use of energy resources include the preparation of various technical documentation. One of such documents is energy performance certificate of the facility. This document may be prepared for the purpose of expert evaluation of the effectiveness of the following modules:

  • Autonomous water supply system used for both domestic and industrial purposes;
  • Heating module, including boiler room and other devices;
  • Automated electric machines used for metalworking or conveyor feeding consumables.

In each of these cases, the involvement of the professionals in order to prepare the necessary technical documentation, which is energy performance certificate of the facility, can become one of the right decisions for the head of any enterprise.

What data should be included in the energy performance certificate

By applying to a proven firm, you can be sure that such technical documentation as energy performance certificate of the facility, prepared with implementation of the recommendations of the respective regulatory acts, as well as the period of repeated certification is observed. Each document prepared by the experts will contain:

  • Address of the company to which the document is made, as well as its details.
  • The number and types of energy-consuming aggregates.
  • Fact of presence or absence of counters of water, gas, electricity and thermal energy, and also statistics of consumption of such resources.
  • Expert assessment of the feasibility of using certain energy products during the operation of the enterprise.
  • Modernization recommendations, which allow to rationalize the production process in the future.

Where to find a specialist for the preparation of the submitted technical documentation

Due to specifics of the service provision, most managers decide to approach an external specialist to assess energy efficiency. Such a step would allow to be confident in a professional and objective approach to the solution of the problem.