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Economy, safety, comfort – what does the equipment of heat supply systems with automatic IHP give?

Economy, safety, comfort – what does the equipment of heat supply systems with automatic IHP give?

One of the most important challenges facing engineers who are creating heat supply systems, is the reduction of expenses on payment of housing services for users. In many countries, such a goal has long been achieved through the universal commissioning of special equipment complexes. One such complexes, an automatic individual heat point, is able to give an opportunity to save energy for many years. The benefit of using such devices makes them the best solution in modern cities.

IHP: What is this and what does it give

The main task of any IHP is the regulation of heating devices, hot water supply and ventilation, taking into account the wishes and needs of the tenants of the building, which is serviced by the hardware. The amount of heat consumed by a particular building can be very different due to:

  1. Different state and building wear extent

  2. Differences in the location relatively to the winter wind rose

  3. Distance to the boiler room

After the IHP installation, it starts to:

  1. Automatically maintain constant temperature in the building in changing weather conditions outside

  2. Run the program set by the consumers for heat supply systems (reduce heat consumption at night, during working hours, etc.)

  3. Maintain the whole pipeline in good condition by constant and uniform distribution of heat carrier.

Modern automatic individual heat point can fully satisfy the needs of any building, a large production or a flat dwelling. The point may include a variety of parts, but the main structure of the unit is:

  1. Monitoring and operation parameter measurement units

  2. Pump groups

  3. Regulating and closing fittings

  4. Safety devices

IHP installation: cost, location, service

The use of automatic individual heat point can be afforded by anyone – such technique is considered relatively inexpensive and is sold everywhere. In the market, there are many compact pre-completed models that are easy to transport and connect. You can arrange the IHP in any room with an area of not less than 20 sq. m.: basements of buildings, first floors or annexes. The hardware can be maintained can be served by the laymen: they should simply periodically inspect it for breakdowns and clean the heat exchangers.