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Cost of thermovision inspection

Cost of thermovision inspection

Unfortunately, the useful, informative, and most importantly, qualitative information about energy audit is very scarce. Therefore, customers are mainly oriented to the cost of thermovision inspection and often try to save money. But such savings, as a rule, does not bring nothing but additional losses.

As you know, the main part of the price is the depreciation of the thermal imaging camera and software. If you do not familiarize yourself with the features of the devices in more detail, you can easily get into the trap of too tempting and advantageous offers and lose not only time, but also money.

All thermal imaging cameras are the same

But why then such a noticeable difference in price? Both a baby and a specialist are people. They have two hands, two legs, a head. But the content in these heads is different. The same is applied to thermal imaging cameras. There is a clear and logical division into classes, according to the quality of the work performed and the areas of application. Moreover, such devices are subject to regular accreditation. The presence of a certificate of such inspection usually increases the cost of the thermovision inspection, but also guarantees the quality of the service provided.

Attentiveness is a guarantee of quality selection of the contractor. Before concluding a contract for the provision of services, get acquainted with the examples of reporting documentation. Images should be clear and understandable. If you are refused for any reason, you can leave – you will not get a good result.

Everything is solved by a specialist

Certainly, it is better to trust the expert. But will the master be working with tools of dubious quality? The more professional the specialist, the more high-class technique he chooses. Because he understands the difference. Moreover, the specialist is obliged to provide you with a document confirming the relevant qualification, such as RTN certificate for thermal non-destructive control. In case of failure to present a certificate, you better avoid working with such master.

Unique analysis techniques

Some of them can offer something special, from the category "No one else will do that." Among others – measuring the resistance of heat return of the building walls with calculation of financial losses. All would be fine, but such measurements take time, at least 15 days. If the terms are appreciable less, the result will be approximate and does not bring the customer benefit.

Before ordering the service, calculate the cost of the thermovision inspection yourself. Add the amount of material losses to the seductively advantageous price of a dubious executor, if the results of the diagnosis are incorrect. It's not that profitable, is it?