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Compact, powerful and economical IHP for heat supply systems in every building

Compact, powerful and economical IHP for heat supply systems in every building

The heat supply arrangement in our country is gradually becoming more convenient and economical. This has been seriously promoted by the introduction of such systems as the IHP – individual heat points. With their help it is possible to make accommodation of people in serviced buildings more comfortable, safer, while reducing the cost of housing services.

Why are the points installed?

Modern IHP have many modification options, in foreign countries such installations are used successfully for years for maintenance of buildings of any types. In Russia, the devices of this type are not used everywhere, but become more common. A facility or group of facilities equipped such points can both residential and even production complexes, and separate buildings for families.

What tasks do individual heat points perform?

  1. Control the temperature of the liquid in the pipes, changing it as needed.

  2. Ensuring the correct operation of the parts of the heat supply systems (uniform distribution of heat carrier, protection against accidental increase of its parameters, shutdown of heat consumption).

  3. Registration of the amount of heat consumed and used heat carrier.

Advantages and benefits of using the points

The IHP established nowadays have many advantages that make them the best solution for buildings in the climate of our latitudes. Here are the most important ones:

  1. Ability to save resources for many years. Heat energy is consumed by 30% less than with more familiar systems, and installation and maintenance costs are lower than usual by 40 – 60%. Even an unskilled employee will be able to work with the devices. Another 15% of energy cannot be lost because of the possibility of the customized adjustment of the heating mode.

  2. The room temperature can always be comfortable, because it is regulated both automatically and according to the settings of the owner.

  3. The equipment is relatively easy to install and use. It fits perfectly into a room with an area of 25 – 30 sq. m., it almost always works without human involvement. There is no noticeable noise and other inconvenience.