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Climate regulation of heat supply: what system do you need to buy?

Climate regulation of heat supply: what system do you need to buy?

If you plan to install a system that will provide climate regulation of heat supply in your building, the issue inevitably arises: which device model is the best. Do you need a system with many features and the ability to set different parameters or you can buy something simpler? 

Comparison of expensive and cheap climate control systems for heat supply

Before buying, it is necessary to determine what tasks will be performed by the equipment, how many tenants of the multi-apartment building it is account for. The nuances to be taken into account are numerous.

Thus, if it is a large public building or a multi-storey residential building, where the reduction of costs on heat energy even a couple of percent will save a few thousand rubles, it is reasonable to install a complex system with many parameters and a large number of sensors. Such climate regulation of heat supply will pay off for several months in the heating season, despite the fact that the cost of equipment together with the installation can reach 500 thousand rubles.

When it comes to climate regulation of heat supply in a private or small apartment building, it is best to choose a low-cost device of the simplest design. It will cost much cheaper. Although it is not possible to set many parameters when using a simple system, the precision of the degree installation is not required.

Automatics of simple systems will allow to focus on:

  • Temperature changes during daytime and night hours;
  • Reduction of heat supply on weekends and holidays;
  • Accurate accounting of weather conditions outside.

The opportunity to take into account these parameters will be enough to significantly save on heating in a small building, but also not to spend too much money on the purchase and installation of a modern system of climate regulation of the heat carrier.