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Climate control system and its purpose

Climate control system and its purpose

Automation of housing and utilities is important in terms of rational use of resources and reduction of charges for energy consumption. That is why climate control unit cost which pays off in just a few months, becomes an excellent tool for automating the consumption of heat energy, taking into account the features of the weather conditions. This means that the room, depending on the heat supply system, will receive exactly as much warmth as it is required. Thus, it is possible to avoid an overexpenditure of energy and superfluous expenses on heating.

Operation principles of the climate control unit

The main elements of the system:

  • Valve;
  • Pump;
  • Sensors;
  • Controller.

Control of the device is achieved due to the availability of several sensors. One of them is located on the shadow side of the outside of the building, and another couple – on the pipeline, so that there is an opportunity to measure the temperature of the heat network. A logical programmable controller calculates the temperature needed for the room heating and adjusts the flow rate of the heat carrier. Each climate control unit which cost can be detailed by the managers of our company, is equipped with a special protection system, preventing the full closure of the valve. Stagnation of air in the risers is impossible due to the internal circulation pump, pumping the air without harm to the overall efficiency of the system. Any unit is equipped with vent automatic operation. And if there is no necessary difference in the thermal network, the problem can be easily solved by installing an additional balancing valve on the automation. The availability of such a system in winter completely eliminates the possibility of interruption with the supply of heat energy. 

Prices for climate control systems

For the climate regulation unit, the cost can be determined for each building only after the necessary analysis carried out by the experts and determining the list of items for purchase.