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The best types of heating in the building

The best types of heating in the building

The best types of heating in the building

Bimetallic radiators is a modern solution that allows you to quickly and efficiently heat the room, thus achieving significant energy savings. Such products are much better than aluminum analogues, as well as steel or cast-iron radiators.

The key materials used in the production of such devices are steel and aluminum. The main difference of the product lies in its internal design. There are monolithic products and pre-fabricated bimetallic radiators from several types of different materials. However, both types of devices belong to one class. These devices can be used to successfully mount an individual heat point in the building, this is a great option for saving space and energy.


An assembly consisting of steel tubes, as well as steel manifolds, which are securely connected and filled with a specialized cover in the conditions of foundry production under high pressure. Among advantages of such design is the absolute absence of contact of a heat carrier and an aluminum covering. Reliable connections combine individual heat point in the building into a single workable line, it is provided by electric welding. These include Italian, as well as domestic radiators, such as "Rifal Monolit".

Inside the monolithic modules, the optimum circulation of hot water is provided, the temperature of which can reach +130 degrees Celsius, and pressure can be set to more than 35 atmospheres. Such a device can be easily made longer or shorter.

Our company is ready to install a new system and debug it together with the commissioning of the existing line, as well as completely individual heat point in the building. Our specialists perform even complex turnkey projects. We work under concluded contracts both with private and with official organizations. Our organization has state permits for such works and appropriate qualified staff.