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Benefits of the IHP installation with automatic climate regulation

Benefits of the IHP installation with automatic climate regulation

When it is freezing outside, the tenants of the multi-apartment building want the level of heat supplied to their homes to be higher. When the outside temperature is approaching zero, you can slightly lower the supply. However, it is unlikely to be rational to appoint a person who will be individually decide on opening or closing the valves to its full extent.

To achieve this, the special appliances are used to solve the problem without human intervention. That's when one speaks about how to apply the IHP with automatic climate regulation.

What it gives

The IHP with automatic climate regulation without manual control automates heat consumption depending on the temperature. Furthermore, this system is mounted in two cases:

  • When connection nodes are reconstructed, upgraded, brought to the appropriate condition;
  • When new construction is taking place and plumbing structures are installed from scratch.

In both cases, the company “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” is ready to develop an individual project, install the finished equipment and provide services for the planned repair of these units.

The system that regulates the level of heat supply is installed at the already existing heat points or is accompanied by their creation. As a result, the total load of heat supply organizations (in connection with the organization of the automatic climate regulation) can be up to 25%. Except for the main effect, the emission of greenhouse gases is also reduced, and the service life of the boiler rooms and the installed equipment is significantly extended.

With the installation of this plumbing equipment, the power consumption is reduced, a clear control of its consumption and the temperature of the incoming heat carrier is organized. Saving is obvious, and payback period for such investments is 1-1.5 years.