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Automation and dispatching of individual heat points to save money and improve operational safety

Automation and dispatching of individual heat points to save money and improve operational safety

The high requirements to work, as well as the need to save resources, have led to the need for procedures such as the automation and dispatch of individual heat points.


Translation of the equipment for automatic operation involves the installation of special devices on the equipment of the point itself, as well as on individual devices. The arrangement of automation systems means the operation of:

  1. Regulator or controller, coordinating the operation of the system in general.

  2. Multiple temperature and pressure sensors.

  3. Relays, pumps, counters.

After the automation system has been launched in the building, the people using it receive many benefits:

  1. The microclimate inside the room becomes more comfortable due to free and precise regulation of heat supply.

  2. Energy consumption is less than 40%.

  3. Protection against accidents becomes more reliable. As soon as their first signs appear, all information is immediately received by the service officer. As a result, up to 50% of the damage from the emergency situations can be avoided.

  4. People who serve the system are not needed any more. Their work involves only studying the archive of events in the system, managing it remotely. Workers’ wages are reduced.



It is one of the components of IHP automation. It implies the creation of a system of equipment equipped with special programs that captures and transmits data on the heat supply system to the control panel. All of them are stored in a special archive. In case of alarm signals or occurrence of situations specified by the program, the message instantly reaches the dispatcher on its remote control, mobile phone or e-mail. The employee has the opportunity to immediately give the necessary command to the IHP equipment from any location.

The dispatcher console can be both local (located in the same building), and remote (then it is often used for work with several heat supply systems).