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Automatic climate control system is an important part of the heat supply unit

Automatic climate control system is an important part of the heat supply unit

The imperfection of a currently functioning heat supply systems of buildings has given rise to two main problems, disturbing consumers. This is the supply of heat, sometimes by its volume much higher than the needs of the tenants in the warm periods, as well as large sums of payments for utilities, where the saving seems not possible. The solution of both these problems can be the installation of modern equipment. This is an automatic climate control system, suitable for all standard heating devices and allowing them to work for comfort and benefit of the tenants.

Composition and operation principle

Each automatic climate control system provides reliable and high-quality operation of heating in any external conditions, significantly reducing the risk of breakage. This is achieved through a decrease in the intensity of operation of pipes, easier monitoring of the network status as a whole.

How does the installation and its components function?

  1. The outside temperature is registered by a sensor installed in the shady place. The same parameter of the power supply is received by the devices located on the supplying and return piping.

  2. The data is received by the controller, which processes and performs calculations. It then gives the valve command to change the flow rate of the water. The valve is manufactured so that it cannot be completely closed.

  3. Internal circulation pump transports water through the return valve. The equipment group also has an automatic vent.

Selection and installation

For tenants of any building with their individual set of needs, there is sure an automatic climate control system in the market, which will be quite powerful and allow them to save as much as possible. Often the installations are made customized upon detailed collection of building data. The finished devices are delivered in boxes which have small sizes and weigh no more than 55 kg. Installation is carried out in just a few hours by the plumbers without special training, it does not require welding or complex appliances.