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Automated individual heat point – convenient and advantageous solution

Automated individual heat point – convenient and advantageous solution

In the buildings, that have been built or overhauled in recent years, more often you can see an automated individual heat station – a convenient and modern complex of devices for heating, ventilation and hot water supply. The points are connected to utilities. These days they are completed in different options regarding the size and needs of the buildings where they are located. It can be both residential complexes, and stand-alone family cottages.


The variety of modern engineering solutions allows to create exactly such automated individual heat point, which will fully correspond to the needs of the building operators, as well as the peculiarities of its structure. However, regardless of the nuances, each point consists of the following functional nodes:

  1. Equipment that provides communication with the networks.

  2. Counter.

  3. Devices, carrying out recharge of heating and ventilating devices which are connected according to independent scheme.

  4. The equipment for the coordination of pressures between the systems of heat supply and heat consumption.

Economic benefits

Introduction of the use of the IHP in our country started only some time ago. However, the economic advantage that an automated individual heat point gives to the owner of the serviced building makes it a very appealing solution. Why do people now mount them in their homes more often?

  1. Automatic control of heat supply allows to make premises more comfortable for life, to reduce expenses on payment of utility services. In addition, the networks themselves are less used, which extends their lifespan and reduces heat losses on the way to the consumer.

  2. Heat and water treatment is produced in smaller quantities, which leads to savings in fuel and chemicals, improving environmental condition.

  3. Compactness of the devices of autoregulation and heat exchangers, relatively quiet operation of pumps allow to locate them directly in the buildings they serve. This will significantly save on the laying of pipes.