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Advantages of the introduction of the climate control system

Advantages of the introduction of the climate control system

On average installation of the climate control system on the old pipes in the multi-apartment building costs 250 – 300,000 rubles. For some representatives of HOA or heads of management companies such sum will seem unaffordable, but the tenants readily agree on equipping such systems of heat supply as they understand, that acquisition of all necessary elements and their subsequent installation can be recouped in a few months, and it is possible to expect only benefits in the future. 

The main benefits of the introduction of the climate control system

When calculating the future benefits for the tenants who plan to install the climate control system in their buildings, the average values are used. In each building the total savings will represent different values. It depends on many factors:

  • Energy efficiency class of the building;
  • Condition of pipelines;
  • Period of construction of buildings;
  • Availability of energy metering devices, etc.

The average values of possible savings are as follows:

  • By eliminating the "overheating" - up to 4%;
  • By introducing the schedule - up to 18%;
  • Through the use of climate regulation - up to 16%.

Total savings on average is up to 40%. In some cases, this figure may be significantly higher or lower.

The installation of the climate control system is also able to provide comfort to the tenants inside the apartments, because the problem with excess or lack of heat will be eliminated. But for this purpose, each of the tenants of the building should provide optimal conditions in the apartment. That is, take care of bringing the walls and windows in a normal condition, not allowing heat leakage. The state of the radiators is also important. If problems are detected, it is necessary to replace the communications independently or addressing the specialists from the management company or the homeowners' association.