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Advantages and disadvantages of new technologies

Advantages and disadvantages of new technologies

Advantages and disadvantages of new technologies

Growth of popularity of the individual heating is obvious, since the modern technologies allow to create favorable microclimate in the apartment. Today, a large assortment foreign and domestic brands of heating devices and systems are available in the Russian market. Thanks to this, the elite residential quarters are equipped with modern heating units, and in some cases the climate regulation is mounted in the MABs.

It has nuances that would be good to know before the purchase of expensive equipment and to consult with a specialist in this matter. Our company "Regional Energy Efficiency Office" provides consultancy services on the heating matter, as well as the entire range of installation work, commissioning and adjustment of the heating units.

However, amid the growing popularity of the western equipment, the tendency of owners to fully manage the heating network is obvious, and as a consequence, to install climate regulation in the MABs, and the need to provide other related services.

Open IHP line

The most expensive part of a heating unit disappears in open systems. And even though such installations look less aesthetic, and can be connected only to open heat supply circuits, the saving is still considerable and can attract most of the potential buyers of the apartments.

It is recommended to install this IHP type in the new buildings with the purpose of arrangement of more budget, but still demanded apartments (so-called “second level elite apartments”). They cannot be installed in the ready buildings with closed circuit, even more so in the USSR-era buildings. But there is an alternative – climate regulation in the MABs.

Conclusion: Trends in the development of heating equipment

At the moment there is a gradual transition to the IHP. Due to the absence of Russian adaptation, it is logical to assume that the next stage of development is the creation of the Russian analogues. Then, for the next 20-30 years, all Russian apartments will transit to perfectly proven individual systems.