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Acceptance of the apartment in the new building

Acceptance of the apartment in the new building

The buildings, which were built under the set of rules prescribed by Federal Law No. 214, are delivered in compliance with Article 7 on quality assurances. If the buyer has carried out an inspection and thermovision inspection of the apartment, which revealed a lack of conformity to the required quality level, the future owner of the apartment has the right to use Article 29 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and require to:

  • Eliminate shortcomings free of charge;
  • Lower the cost of the apartment.

Apartment inspection

The apartment is carefully inspected for deficiencies. Some of the defects will be visible to the naked eye, but many shortcomings are hidden. For this reason, it is impossible to identify them without equipment and assistance of specialists.

For example, it is difficult to notice at first sight low-quality insulation, leakage in the hidden distributing, the window, installed with a violation. Thermovision inspection of the apartment can help, after which the specialist issues an official conclusion. This document is already the basis for the claim.

In case of detection of violations that resulted in the deterioration of the quality of the apartment, the buyer may proceed as follows:

  • Not to sign the acceptance certificate before elimination of the revealed defects;
  • Sign the document with the application that will indicate the flaws.

Some defects can be manifested during several years of operation. The warranty period for new housing is 5 years. If deficiencies are revealed during this period, the owner has the right to contact the developer with a substantiated claim. The removal of defects at the request of the owner can be carried out both by the contractor and independently. In the latter case the developer is obliged to reimburse all expenses connected with correction of defects, both the cost of materials and the salary of workers.

Major defects in the new buildings

According to the Moscow Construction Complex and based on the experience of specialists of “Regional Energy Efficiency Office”, which conducted thermovision inspection of apartments in different districts of the capital, the main problems of the buildings are:

  • Abutment of balcony, window blocks to openings;
  • Defects of walls in the form of cracks, potholes;
  • Low quality of finishing works;
  • Unsatisfactory condition of facades;
  • Defects of pipelines of water supply and heating systems;
  • Poor tightness of joints between panels;
  • Insufficient heat and sound insulation of enclosing structures, partitions, overlappings.